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I made my own Spider-Man game since I can't get a PS5 with web swinging, climbing buildings, and a mission featuring Green Goblin. 

Want to see how I made it? Check out the video here:  (Note: This is NOT a trailer but a devlog)

Also feel free to check out my YouTube channel for more videos and games:


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorTyler Green
Tagsclimbing-building, green-goblin, marvel, mission, nyc, spider-man, spiderman, Unity, villain, web-swinging


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Spider Man - Mac.zip 181 MB
Spider-Man - Windows.zip 171 MB


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one of the best free spider-man games, congratulations and thank you!


can u make it controller compatible with play station controllers and Xbox controllers that will make this game TOP (i already love it lol).

Pls how do I play the game , I've downloaded and extracted it , now what?

if ur on mac:

 drag the downloaded folder on finder on applications then put it on your doc bar, right-click the app on ur doc bar then select open.

if ur on windows:

I dunno i dont have windows pc

this is a great game :)



i subbed :)


Thanks :)

will you make a version of this for chrome book usually chrome book gets no love 

Probably not as I'm not sure how to... does Unity support it?

You could compile it as an HTML file


i subed to your channel

Thanks :)

is game working?

It should

it keeps crashing for me. Any help? I’m on high sierra and this is the only game that crashes

your computer probably can’t handle it. I need to disable motion blur 

this is really laggy.

You need a better computer, I might remove motion blur

I don't know how to load onto the game.

how do I start it in my files.

can you make controller compatability

yes plsssssssss do, do this @Tyler Green

how do i optimize this for my pc?

You can't right now until I post an update



How do i play the game?

Idk what to do with the zip and what to open


What're you playing on?

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PC (win11)

will you make mobile version?


Most likely no


Your game really seems intersesting but i dont want to be rude but this blur thing is making it not fun AT ALL can you please fix it I promise I will rate this 100 or whatever its full I hope you fix it soon!

I might for a future update since lots of people can't handle it


its so good but i cant see a thing because of the blur wehn i move and it also affects my FPS please change it in a further update i wont uninstall it i will wait till the update because i really wanna play it, its sooo good

I will remove motion blur in future update


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The motion blur affects my frames how can I turn it off?

I need to update to allow you to do that


f*ck insomniac games! 


What are the system requirements for windows pc?

Not sure tbh lol




can you make a lite graphic version, bc I play on MacBook Air

I might make a sequel!



I have a problem with the game so basically when I downloaded it on Mac, and when I open it, it says "("Spider Man") can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software." and I tried to download it from Chrome after (because I downloaded it in Safari first) and then it still doesnt work so is there a problem with the game or is it just my Mac? Because I really wanna play the game... :c

You can use itch app or go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy and allow the app to open

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Omg thank you so much Tyler!! Your the best!!! :D I can finally play the game!! Also can you turn down the motion blur and make it easier for the camera controls for the swinging? Thanks!! Good Game!! :D

Thanks I will if I make an update!

fuck you

really gud game :D


its bad its so laggy motion blur bruh



great game, but might need to tone down the motion blur down. otherwise, this was great! keep it up!

Thanks yeah MB can be tough on older computers

Скажите пожалуйста как скачать ?

Я вроде скачал файл но не качается , есть где подробная информация как скачать эту игру ? на телефон .

It's not for phone it's for Mac and PC

You should atleast optimize or make able to lower the graphics i only get to hear spiderman voicelines before the game crashes

I might need to remove motion blur for lower-end PCs


This game is the closest we'll ever get to a real Spider-Man game without owning a PS4 or 5. The camera controls can make it hard to swing sometimes, but there's a lot of potential for this game, I beg you to to continue working on this game, because you have so much talent. I saw a bunch of your YouTube videos, can't wait to see where this game is going

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed! There's definitely a lot of issues but I'm pleased with it so far. I'm making a sequel to my Mario Party game next but might come back to this.

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hi check out my work I'm trying too

I will be glad to evaluate the work!


nice game dude!

Thanks a lot!

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The game is awesome. I got my friends to play the game too.They think its cool

thanks a lot :)

bit buggy, but overall a pretty cool game

thanks yeah there’s a few bugs that need ironing out

the game crashes on startup for me on macos high sierra, crab game does the exact same thing. is there something im missing or do both these games have the exact same problem for me

Do any games work for you on Mac?