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A full Mario Party game with mini-games, items, unique board, and more!

Want to see how I made it? Check out the video here:

Also the sequel is here:

Also feel free to check out my YouTube channel for more videos and games:



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now there are a few things that I would prefer to be in the game first being online and local multiplayer, next being minigame mode, another being more characters than just mario, boo, goomba, and peach, then i would like to see there being where when tow people are on the same space the person would move to the left or right side. If those would be put in the next update that would be amazing :)

now we only need multiplayer and it would be perfect

really enjoyed it but in air hockey if the shell goes into a corner the cpu will just trap it in the corner

that happens but they usually figure it out


Love the game Tyler! I'd really love to see co-op and online in the game to play with friends and family other than that it's a really good game!

Thanks, glad you liked it :)


Hey, I noticed that when there's a draw, the game glitches out and I have to close it. It might just be my old laptop, but I would look into it.


Interesting, which game?

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Lava hop. I didn't get any other draws, though, so I couldn't tell you if the rest have the same issue.

I've never seen a draw in the lava jump... interesting

Yeah, peach and mario flew off at the same time, and it said, "DRAW!" and the game started flickering and crashed.

oh interesting thanks for that!

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Mario looks creepy

Deleted 1 year ago

it’s the model from the real game actually


ok cool

Nintendo taking notes rn

haha oh no

hard to see mario fangame's made mario party game's. like has most something like UE4 or ROM Hacks. i looking forward for this creator if him do it like full time setting or else. also short time short gameplay and +1 i'm fan of this 4/5. 

Thanks a lot I appreciate it!

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(OLD REVIEW) 3/5 This is basically the bad version of mario party. As usual, you collect coins and stars. There are only 2 minigames but no freeplay mode! Also you can make this for android (sadly, not iOS) to get the party everywhere you go. Also, I won! (I don't hate this game at least)


thanks for playing! If you watched the video, I made it in 2 weeks for a challenge so didn’t get to make a lot of the features. If I make another video / update, I’d add more mini games, items, multiplayer, and maybe free play mode 


You should add more characters, I noticed Luigi disappeared.

Only in the original video :)


I recommend checking it out now, made lots of improvements


I will download and write a new review if I can


Sounds good


The game was really cool! It was a bit laggy though.


Thanks a lot! It might lag a bit if your PC/Mac is a bit older. 


Yeah I was using a laptop for it so the lag was on my end. The game was really fun once again and I played it for a long time.