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Can you port it to Linux and html5? You're using unity3D, Yes you can.

charmander is boxing XD

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Can you add to android game

Pls build in android game ... So i can play using my phone

can u make a 2d one?


Isn't that the real game lol?

yeah it is lol


so cool bro ur amazing

Thanks :)

Any way you could share your project, so I can build on it?



Wow your gonna make it a full game?

I might. Like pokemon abridged. A master stroke with an r rating sort of pokemon



its alright i like the animations but graphics are way to low and it needs improved so the map is bigger and the demo is at least a little longer

make the android ver allowed

Pokemon shield ALPHA

5 min ez

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Hey, I don't own this game is it pirating if I download it?

It's not a real game so no piracy

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Pokemon lets go unity (Early)


32bit version pls

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Nintendo: >:0

Lol only if they find out

Pretty good so far.However when I chose Charmander,Gary chose Squirtle.Luckily i beat him tho.

he should choose Squirtle since it’s the opposite type :)

Thought he would choose the weaker one,Bulbasaur not the opposite one.But it could be me remembering wrong.

yup if you watch my devlog you’ll see it’s the opposite!

wow just by looking at the video looks like you worked hard on it, thus, I am going to try it out!

Thanks a lot! Feel free to subscribe too if you enjoyed

can you make the entire game how it is is good but i would be better

10/10(the game how it is)

Thanks a lot! Making the entire game would take forever but I do make other games if you want to check out my YouTube channel!

amazin game!


thanks a lot!


pero algo vasica

Thanks glad you liked!

Nice game